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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tonight's headlines, volcano erupting in iceland causing new disruption to travel in europe. hundreds of flights are selled because of volcanic ash which could stall jet engines. germany is canceling flights on wednesday, britain did so today. in london after a state dinner, president and ms. obama were invited to spend the night in buckingham palace. the queen and mr. obama spoke both of special relationship between the e3suuuuuuútwo natio on wednesday president rbçmeetsí with prime minister to about the continuing financial crisis in europe. while in europe, they called the repayment of most of its payment bailout money a milestone. the auto maker emerged from bankruptcy with the hell f of $10.5 billion loan with the government. we have big changes on tomorrow's forecast. rain on the way. it's moving into northern california now. it will be here for your
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now a look at other big stories covered around the bay area today. >> the families are beating up giants fan in acoma is suing los angeles dodgers. the lawsuit states that the dodgers could have prevented the beating because cut back on security when buying the team in 2004. it took 10 to 15 minutes for stadium personnel to respond to the scene. it will take 45 to $50 million to give him a good quality of life. here in oakland, the officials say guns on campus are a big problem. in fact, district says it confiscates on average one gun per week from oakland schools.
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to combat the problem the district says they start antiviolence counseling in grade school and points out it is the only school district that has its own police force dedicated to keeping children safe. this oakland, kron news. city council is considering proposals a way to close $115 million deficit that will be put off until next month. it will allow the city to allow labor city union contacts in court. >> state officials have issued new guidelines about the fish that comes from the bay, specifically, which fish are safe to eat and how many servings is supposed to have each week. they divided up the recommendations they stunned text and age, they also suggest that you find these guys not because of contamination of
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pcb. it's worse than it was 17 years ago, but they say the database collected a new better, that's why the guidelines should be followed. we enjoyed a nice mild day today. light rain expected through 7:00 hour. by you met and time to start getting dressed, actually need cooler conditions and breezy wind and chance for rain later on. first let's take a look at the storm. here is the storm of the -- core of the storm. this is going to roll through early in the morning, but we could get caught with the core of the storm. let's get caught after the name brings us push through. 7:00 in the morning pushing in to the north bay, just light showers and noticing in the 8:00 hour pushing in san francisco. it's going to be breaking apart as it moves in noticing in the
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9:00 hour we're starting to see spotty showers already and then by 11:00, future cast. it's going to continue to get early afternoon and dryer conditions for later afternoon. but notice up here they're going to get a chance of north island. we're happening to see cooler temperatures. 56 in san francisco. -- 52 along the coast. 50s for bay shore of the weekend. look of your extended forecast, the rain and wind will give us another condition. another chance move in on friday, it's another chance to cool conditions, we'll rebound as we head into the weekend and next week. temperatures running into average. >> giants extend their home wind streak ten games tonight with the highlights.
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they have their nine game home
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winning streak. up in anaheim gave it big story centered around the as, relief picture from wednesday knocked bob garrison out for lack of communication. mikaso he was terrific tonight, first major league start after just 11 relief appearances. here we go, jesus, you saw two run homer, cocoa crisp playing to beach play. tonight after he was ripped, respond may be from the angels. miami 1-1 away from reaching the mva finals. >> all of that turk, you know, a great majority of the louisiana they will win. they lost this kid, though, the md pay at 363 a point. and lebron took over 35 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, a turn
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over light, and dwayne wade which he had a really score shooting guard. then he went 103-excuse me, 101-93. they went through alone they can reach in chicago and right now lebron looks like the best player in the game. sherry west looks like he said hello. flakey in the two owners. mr. goober, 72 israel of age. of course you're -- identifying with the lakers but he wants to see what he can do in a consulting role. >> i'm not going to live in los angeles and not be involved. i watched the games from los angeles. probably wouldn't care if there was something going on at that time. >> he's going to want to know one of the record and he was going to have a role that is
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